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Book descriptions:

the colors of beech hill  by Hillary Danaher

Nick is tired of playing shortstop for his sorry old ball team in Northport, Michigan. So when all the pro players go on strike, he ditches the boys and ventures into the woods at Beech Hill to find his sister’s old tree fort and a new kid named Tony.

But the summer of 1981 turns into more than Nick was counting on as he finds himself engineering a contraption to squelch an insolent bully and weathering storms that arise out of seemingly nowhere. And Nick hadn’t banked on either the courage it would take to come to grips with the loss of his own dad or the amazing power that friendship can have in the midst of even the darkest of storms.

the colors of beech hill was nominated for the Michigan Notable Book Award and maintained a spot on the northern Michigan bestseller list for 8 weeks.

Buddy and Rowan by Carolyn Waddell

Carolyn Waddell is a writer and a poet. Buddy and Rowan is her first published tale, and is lovingly dedicated to her grandson. Throughout its pages, Buddy and Rowan form a fast friendship that will warm the reader’s heart from start to finish.